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Seasonal sinus issues can be quite the challenge, and OTC drugs keep you in the same endless loop. After using this formula regularly, we find that we need it less and less as our bodies start to naturally adjust.

If selecting the Powder Only option, you will get 8oz of powder, which you may mix with juice, applesauce, etc. for those unable to take capsules. One capsule’s worth is about 1/4tsp of powder.

Suggested adult use is 2 caps at first signs of discomfort for occasional issues, or 1 cap 4x daily for ongoing issues, decreasing as you see fit after 1-2 weeks. Always be sure to drink plenty of water to aide in flushing offending toxins from the body.

Contains: Fenugreek, Thyme, Oregon Grape Root and Bentonite Clay in a Vegetable Capsule

SinusEZE Capsules

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