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Many of the plants we use are wild crafted and cultivated here on the Homestead. When cultivating or wild harvesting isn't an option, carefully selected herbs are purchased from reputable herbal suppliers to create the many teas, tinctures, salves and blends of herbs to suit the needs of clients. We feel that natural, sustainable, common-sense living is an important component to a healthy lifestyle. Catch a class this year as we open up the homestead to families seeking to gain skills in foraging, herbal medicine making, natural animal husbandry, soap making, fermenting, cheese making, and so much more!

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Meet theHerbalist

April has been studying alternative/holistic health for about 13 years, since she became a mother and realized the importance of holistic healthcare for herself and her family. Previously, she attended the University of Mississippi Medical Center and has held positions as a Medical Scientist, Stem Cell Scientist, and Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials Manager at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University Medical Center and for the majority of the major Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies.
​"This career experience was truly eye opening, and the major force behind shifting focus completely, as I wanted nothing more than to run far, far away from 'conventional' medicine after seeing the harm caused by it and the greedy attitudes of the people in the industry. There was very little 'health' and even less 'care' in conventional healthcare."

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Over the years, April has studied ways to help her family and others with the medicine the Creator has provided. She started with a focus on perinatal wellbeing, addressing perinatal mood disorders with a natural approach. From there, her interests evolved and she began studying herbalism for the whole family. After studying alongside the well-known and respected Master Herbalist and Naturopathic Doctor, Darryl Patton at the Deep South Center for Herbal Studies, she continued her studies on her own due to family commitments. From there she received her Master Herbalist Diploma with Distinction from the Centre of Excellence, and is now a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.

April has a knack for connecting with people and an intuition for personalized herbalism that she would love to share with you.

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