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Bright Eyes Herbal Eye Wash - 2oz

Gentle, effective eye care for the whole farm and family!

A meticulously formulated eye wash designed to soothe and cleanse your eyes. Combining the gentle antiseptic properties of boric acid, the calming essence of Eyebright, and the natural antimicrobial benefits of Usnea, this herbal eye wash offers a holistic approach to eye care.


- Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis): This traditional herbal remedy has been cherished for centuries for its ability to alleviate eye strain, soothe

inflammation, and promote overall eye health.

- Usnea: A natural lichen, Usnea provides potent antimicrobial properties, helping to protect your eyes from harmful bacteria and ensuring a clean, refreshing experience.

- Boric Acid: Known for its mild antiseptic qualities, boric acid helps to gently cleanse and relieve irritated eyes, reducing redness and discomfort.


- Soothes Irritation: Effectively reduces redness, itching, and discomfort caused by environmental pollutants, allergens, and daily strain.

- Cleanses Gently: Provides a thorough yet gentle cleanse, removing impurities without causing further irritation.

- Natural and Safe: Made with carefully selected natural ingredients, HerbalEye is free from harsh chemicals and safe for daily use.

Suggested Use:

1. Shake well before use.

2. Tilt your head back and hold the dropper above your eye.

3. Squeeze dropper top to allow the liquid to cleanse the eye.

4. Blink a few times to distribute the solution evenly.

5. Repeat for the other eye if necessary. You may use 1-3 droppers full per eye and repeat 3-4 times daily until issues resolve.

6. If using on animals, a syringe (no needle) may be a better choice for application. Adjust the amount depending on size of the animal.

See the world with clarity and comfort and get relief FAST from the following irritants:

Seasonal irritants

Environmental irritants

Viral & Bacterial irritants

Minor Abrasions

ADD ON: Calendula Oil - 1oz - $15 extra

This oil is particularly helpful for use before bed if you are dealing with issues that may result in “eye goopies” or waking to eyes being “glued shut.” It acts as a soothing lubricant for the skin around the eyes and helps deter sticking while providing even more antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. May be used anytime! Just apply over eyelids and around eyes. One drop per eye is typically plenty so this lasts a long time.

Contains: Calendula infused Castor oil and Olive oil.

Bright Eyes Herbal Eye Wash

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